Police Commission

Mike Shaikh – Hypocrite:  ” The Police Commission’s mandate is to provide independent civilian oversight and governance of the Calgary Police Service to ensure a safe community.”

1. The police commission is supposed to be the watchdog that oversees the Calgary Police Service. They are supposed to be the fail safe, they are supposed to keep the checks and balances in place for the citizens of Calgary. They arre supposed to be the protection against any corrupt Police Chiefs or his members.

2. The police commission under Mike Shaikh was not supposed to be the fail safe for corrupt cops. It was not supposed to enable and allow the rotten apples in the police service to get away with corrupt and criminal acts.

3. But that’s exactly what happened, and did so on multiple occasions, and under the stewardship of Mike Shaikh, who was on the board of the Calgary Police Commission from 2005 to 2013 and was also the chair of that commission from 2009 to 2013.

4. Past Chief of police Rick Hanson was recently lauding his good friend Mike Shaikh (in the media) to be the next Senator from Alberta. I’m not surprised Hanson loves Shaikh.

5. Because in the November of 2010 and just one year in as the Chair, Shaikh renewed Hansons contract for a further 5 years. Then 3 years later, with less than one month left as the Chair of the commission, Shaikh renewed Hansons contract again, for another 5 years.

6. After what you read on this site about the Calgary Police Commission, Shaikh, Hanson and other individuals, people might not want Shaikh to be a Senator at all.

7. What is published can be proven. And in due course all of the individuals will be held responsible and accountable for their actions by the appropriate courts and authorities.

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