Old Boys Clubs

FOREWORD: Membership of the Old Boys Club of the Calgary Police Service, the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies, does not end when they leave those services. A crooked individual in those services will be a crooked individual out of those services.

When they leave, they get jobs as private Investigators, they get hired by the City of Calgary, other law enforcement agencies, Justice departments such as ASIRT, the Prison Service, even the Law Society of Alberta has corrupt and crooked ex cop(s) investigating corrupt & crooked lawyers, the list is endless (much more to follow on this).

1. Emma McIntosh of the Star newspaper in Calgary published an article on the 8th Day of August 2018, following on an investigation into harassment being endured by women officers within the Calgary Police Service. In that article Emma named past and present police officers, including quotes from past Chief Roger Chaffin.

The byline on the article in the Star was both telling and very hard hitting;


2. McIntosh mentioned Chaffins attempts at reform, however Chaffin also has evidence that past and present Calgary police, RCMP officers, even City of Calgary officials and others, committed criminal and corrupt acts. Chief Chaffin has had that evidence since before he became the Chief of the Calgary Police Service,  and yet to date has done nothing with that evidence. Why is that ?

3. The old boys clubs still exist, and not just in the Calgary Police Service.

4. City Hall has its own Old Boys Club, including ex crooked cops on the payroll.

FEAR: F.E.A.R. is an acronym that means False Evidence Appearing Real.

5. That acronym is a double edged sword. Rotten officials, rotten cops and others, used it to have me falsely convicted and then falsely imprisoned. First of all they manufactured, then fabricated and manipulated evidence. They then tossed in some doses of perjury to make their False Evidence Appear Real.

6. But their real fear was that what they’d done, would be found out.

7. It has taken a while, and I ended up serving 2 years in Drumheller prison, and also went through over 7 years of hell. But thanks to the many foip requests and the crucial information that was provided by honest cops, honest Drumheller prison staff and others, the greatest fear of these rotten cops and their associates has been realized.

8. The proof they submitted False Evidence Appearing Real has been uncovered.

9. Not only do all of the corrupt entities and individuals named on my websites, know that what’s already published and what’s to be published is the truth. So do my lawyer(s), their lawyers, and more importantly the heads of the Calgary Police Service, the RCMP in Alberta and Ottawa, and other law enforcement agencies.

10. I would personally like to express my thanks to Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin (and others to be named later) who have assisted me greatly by being responsible for providing crucial information and evidence that would not normally have become available to me.

Much more to follow:  johnkelly475@yahoo.ca 


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