Hanson & RCMP

1. In March 2010, Ex Chief Rick Hanson, because of my websites and their published contents, directed K Division of the RCMP to come after me, and get me by any means necessary. Hanson easily managed this, as he had previous ties to the RCMP.

2. Hanson had been a Deputy Chief of Calgary since 1996. In 2005 he quit the Calgary Police Service after being passed over for the position of Chief for a third time. Hanson then joined the RCMP straight away as a Supt. Later becoming Chief Supt. in charge of K Division Alberta. Hanson was with the RCMP from 2005 to the October of 2007.

3. In 2007 Hanson quit the RCMP to finally become the Chief of Police of Calgary, after Chief Jack Beaton took early retirement. Hanson then retired early from the Calgary Police Service in the February of 2015.

NOTE: It is no coincidence that since Hanson left the force, more Calgary Police officers are being held accountable for their actions. A lot of officers got away with a lot of criminal acts under Hanson’s watch. Much more on this, on a page to be published in the near future.

4. It was Hanson who chose Sgt Murray Bartley RCMP, to be the lead investigator for the charges that were to be laid against me. Bartley was the one to come and get me by any means possible, that included criminal means.

5. And just like the people he placed in Professional Standards in Calgary, he chose a crooked and corrupt cop. And believe you me, they don’t come any more crooked and corrupt than Sgt Murray Bartley.

6. What will be published on this website regarding ex Chief Rick Hanson and Sgt Murray Bartley, will and should shock you to your very core. It will also make the authorities question every conviction that Hanson and Bartley ever got.

7. What will be published will be the truth, and can be proven so.

Much more to follow:  johnkelly475@yahoo.ca

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