Hanson & John Kelly

1. My name is John Kelly, and on this page I’m going to publish specific and irrefutable facts, as to why Ex Chief Rick Hanson, went to so much trouble in coming after me.

2. Why Ex Chief Rick Hanson made it his mission to try and shut me up.

3. Why Ex Chief Rick Hanson went to such great lengths in his attempts to shut down my websites that were outing the corrupt and criminal acts being committed by his police officers, under his watch, sometimes following his own commands.

4. How Ex Chief Rick Hansons ongoing, malicious and vindictive campaign against me, ending up with Hanson from 2010 onwards, engaging the services of corrupt officers from the Calgary Police Service and corrupt RCMP officers from his past commands.

5. How Ex Chief Rick Hanson then directed and orchestrated a total of 38 manufactured and fabricated criminal charges to be laid against me. As the charges he laid were thrown out, he ensured more got laid against me. The result was them taking me to trial on 10 charges.

6. I was found not guilty on seven of those charges, and the three I was convicted of, were as a result of false testimony being given by Ex chief Rick Hansons officers. So on the 29th Day of November 2013, at the age of 57 years, I was sentenced to a 30 month stretch in Drumheller Federal Prison.

7. From the time of my first arrest in September of 2010 to the end of my prison sentence in the May of 2016, they also successfully gained restrictions on me that prevented me from publishing anything on my website(s). This was censorship taken to the extreme.

Please view the disturbing contents on www.DrumhellerPrison.ca 

Much more to follow:  johnkelly475@yahoo.ca

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