1. There are 9 main entities that leave threads that run throughout each and every criminal and corrupt act outlined on my website(s). It starts with Calgary City Hall and Calgary Soccer. City Hall then weaves in the Calgary Police Service who in turn weaves  in the Calgary Police Commission, the Law  Enforcement Review Board and the RCMP. The final threads are weaved through the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary, Alberta, and ultimately Canada Service Corrections and Drumheller prison:

2. Each of these entities had players that spun and weaved their threads into webs of lies. They produced False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR) and went to great lengths to destroy evidence they feared would damage them and uncover their criminality. The Leadership of these main entities have the choice to do what they’re mandated to do. They have the choice to act as they should and follow the law. The same law they swore an oath to uphold.

3. They have until the 23rd of April 2018 to do so. Should they continue to choose not to act, then the appropriate court and legal actions shall commence. Make no mistake, the continuous publishing of facts on my websites is something none of them want. They prefer to clean their houses of any criminal and corrupt individuals and elements outside of the public gaze and domain.

” The difference between allegations and facts are proof “

4. The facts that are already published on this website, as well as on my other websites, and those that will be published in the future, and those that will be filed, will be able to stand up to any scrutiny, in any court of law.

5. Not only do all of the leaders of these corrupt entities and individuals named on my websites, know that what’s already published and what’s to be published is the truth. So do my lawyer(s), their lawyers, and more importantly the heads of both the Calgary Police Service, the RCMP in Alberta and Ottawa, and Canada Service Corrections.

6. Once again, I would personally like to express my thanks to Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin (and others to be named later) who have assisted me greatly in these matters, by being responsible for providing crucial information and evidence that would not normally have become available to me.

Much more to follow:

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