1. Many members of this present (and past) Calgary council have known all about the substantial theft, fraud, corruption, mismanagement and many criminal acts happening within Calgary Soccer, the Calgary Police and others, as published on my website(s).

2. Several of them even knew of the above prior to being elected to office. Those (now) Councillors one of whom is Sean Chu, a past 20 year member of the Calgary Police Service, had access to irrefutable evidence, and on more than one occasion took evidence away with him and promised to deal with it when elected. He was elected in 2013, but like the rest of them he has done nothing. More to follow….

3. Joe Magliocca was also privy to the same irrefutable evidence and information as Chu long before he was also elected. Like Sean Chu he also made promises that he would assist and help in cleaning up the corruption they had seen. Magliocca also took evidence away with him, but when elected did nothing. More to follow…

4. In 2011 onwards Councillor Peter Demong was passing confidential memos from City departments, as well as passing information from in-camera Council meetings. He was doing this via his aide Jon Lord (to myself). Jon Lord was a well known (past) City Alderman and past Alberta M.L.A. When Corporate Security became aware of this,  Jon Lord was then forced out of City Hall, but nothing happened to Peter Demong and the corruption continued. More to follow..

5. Colley Urquhart said whilst attending an event at the Calgary Soccer Center in the October 2014, RE; the City’s hostile takeover of the land and the facility from Calgary Soccer ”  We inherited quite a mess here a coupla years ago ”.

That’s an understatement of gigantic proportions.

6. Jones, Demong, Chu, Magliocca and Colley-Urquhart are the tip of the City Hall iceberg. Covering up what they have known has resulted in them committing acts that are punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada, and when followed up should result in their removal from office. Including but not limited to these other present council members, Druh Farrell, Shane Keating, Gian-Carlo Carra, Mayor Nenshi.

Much More to follow on this:

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