City of Calgary

1. In the December of 2017, I received from the City of Calgary another Four Hundred and Thirty Four pages from another F.O.I.P. request. This request was received by them in the July of 2017. Under the Act those 434 pages should have been in my possession within 60 days — It took them over 150 Days.

2. And those 434 pages came from the offices of Owen Key who is the Chief Security Officer, as well as the Chief Information Security Officer, for the City of Calgary. More to follow on Owen Key…

3. Had I received those documents within the 60 days, they would have been released well prior to the October election. I firmly believe that several of those now sitting on council and the person sitting in the Mayors office, would not have been re-elected.

4. Those documents and materials start off in 2001 on page 1, and stop in the July of 2017, on page 434. They clearly show that senior individuals within the City of Calgary, the Mayors office, Councillors offices, their Law Dept, the Calgary Police Service, and many others, knew from at least the year 2000, about the corruption, theft, fraud, and criminal acts taking place within the sphere of the Calgary Soccer Federation. Such corruption that still exists today.

5. In the December of 2012, the Calgary Soccer Federation were evicted kicking and screaming from the Calgary Soccer Center. The City evicted them by not renewing the lease on the land the Soccer Center was built on. The result of which was, that the City took control and ownership of the entire facility.

6. But not before there had been immense damage done to the entire soccer membership and many other sporting organizations in Calgary. Such damage that could and should have been avoided had the City and others, not been covering up what was going on.

7. Whilst in Edmonton the Soccer Associations were building multi-use soccer facility after multi-use soccer facility, Calgary City officials and others waited and waited until the December of 2012 when the lease ran out on the Calgary Soccer Center land, before they acted, and evicted the Calgary Soccer Federation.

8. After they had evicted them, they promised that a full investigation and full audits would be conducted on the Calgary Soccer Federation, the Calgary Soccer Center and member organizations, to find out where the substantial missing and stolen monies had gone.

Were talking millions of dollars over a span of 15 to 20 years.

9. Yet here we are, over 5 years later, and no investigations have ever been done. And no proper Financial audits have been conducted on the finances of the Calgary Soccer Federation since the year 2011.

10. And no one knows where any of the substantial monies they raised through future facility levies has gone. Or where any of the other substantial monies the Calgary Soccer Federation received from many sources, has also gone.

11. The criminals responsible for the mismanagement, the fraud, all of the stolen and missing monies for at least the last 15 to 20 years (except those who have passed away) still roam free, and some still sit on the boards of the Calgary Soccer Federation, and it’s member organizations CMSA, CWSA, and C.U.S.A.

12. And most of the many individuals that will be named on this site, including Mayor Nenshi, members of Council, the Calgary Police Service and other entities, don’t want to do a damn thing about it.

13. Because if they decide to act, or they’re forced to act, many of them, including Mayor Nenshi members of Council and others, will also have to be held accountable for their corrupt and criminal acts as well.

And to top it all off, the Calgary Soccer Federation is still a registered entity, who’s still allowed to carry on business as usual, with the same people on the Board of Directors, chosen from the same member organizations.

This has to be, the mother of all cover ups….