Ask-Her Fraud

1. On this page and associated links I will detail quite clearly how the founders of the Ask-Her movement have perpetrated what can only be classed as a massive fraud and misrepresentation on the citizens of Calgary and specifically the female population of the City of Calgary.

2. By them I am talking about the main founders Kerry Cundal (lawyer) Kara Levis (lawyer) Lindsay Amantea (lawyer) Esmahan Razavi (failed candidate ward 2 and 6 in the 2017 election) and others.

3. How since they formed the Ask-Her Association in the March of 2016, they have failed to get one woman elected anywhere. How they failed to even properly fund one candidate. How they set up their foundation for the sole reason reason of raising their own profiles in their own leadership bids.

4. Kerry Cundal for Leader of the Provincial Liberals. Kara Levis for Leader of the Alberta Party. Esmahan Razavi for Calgary Councillor in wards 2 and then ward 6, and Lindsay Amantea’s aspirations when she ran for Vice Chair of the LPCA.

5. How they have consistently refused to release a list of the monies donors and others have given to the Ask-Her Association. How since our last check August 5th 2018, they have not even filed any financial statements with corporate registry, or posted such anywhere, they are in violations for 2017 and soon to be 2018.

6. Now Cundal, Levis, Razavi and others have abandoned the good ship Ask-Her.

7. Each of these individuals have spun and weaved their threads into webs of lies. Those lies will be laid bare for all to see on this page and others.

More to follow: