JANUARY 2019: This website is being updated stay tuned:

This website is going to detail how past and present Calgary cops, carried out criminal and corrupt acts. We’re going to start with one Ex Detective Spencer Frizzell. What is going to be published on this site about Frizzell will be able to stand up to any scrutiny, in any civil court or any criminal court of law.

Make no mistake, Spencer Frizzell is well aware of this site, and of the other website(s) he is named on. To date, he has taken no legal action to either shut down any of the website(s) or take legal action against myself for defamation.

That’s because he knows what’s being published is the truth. The difference between allegations and facts are proof. The only thing stopping Frizzell from being charged and brought before the courts, is the crooked cops still active in the Calgary Police Service.

I’m detailing ex Detective Spencer Frizzell first, as a result of several lengthy meetings with ex Detective John Dooks of the Calgary Police Service. At present John Dooks is the manager of Investigations for the Law Society of Alberta, and Spencer Frizzell is Dooks second in command….

Much more coming soon.  johnkelly475@yahoo.ca


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