JANUARY 2019: 

This website is dedicated to exposing ex Detective Spencer Frizzell a corrupt and crooked past member of the City of Calgary Police Service. What is going to be published on this site about Frizzell and his criminal actions will be able to stand up to any scrutiny, in any civil court, or any criminal court of law.

Exposing Frizzell is as a result of several lengthy meetings I have had with one ex Detective John Dooks of the Calgary Police Service, who is currently the manager of Investigations for the Law Society of Alberta, and Spencer Frizzell is currently John Dook’s second in command at the Law Society. 

John Dook’s knows full well that what’s being published on this site, is the truth. Dooks has overwhelming evidence in his possession, supporting the facts being published, at this moment in time Dooks has taken no actions vis a vis Frizzell but rather has vigorously defended Frizzell’s corrupt and criminal acts, as not his fault (the olde boys club in action) after reading the published contents you decide.  

The difference between allegations and facts are proof.

Make no mistake, at this moment in time, the only thing that is stopping ex Detective Spencer Frizzell from being arrested, charged and brought before the courts, is the crooked cops still active in the Calgary Police Service.

John Dooks, Spencer Frizzell as well as others are well aware of this and the other website(s), they’re named on. To date, neither they or the others have undertaken to shut down, commence legal action, or request the published  contents be removed. 

Much more coming soon.  johnkelly475@yahoo.ca